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Basically Crystal means a Gem. It is a precious gift of God to mankind. They are glittering, colorful, luminous and flowery. These gems have their origin in the mineral kingdom. It does not have aroma but is still scented, beautiful, fascinating and pleasing to the eyes. It is eternaland immune from the effects of time, seasons and weather.

These crystals have their origin in the lava which erupts from the volcanoes. This lava gets cooled in the crust of the earth over thousands of years resulting in the formation of crystal stones. Also, snow, dust and other minerals combine together to form a solid substance which also results in the formation of different types of crystals.

Crystal belongs to semi precious stone category & they have property to emit different types of energies. The utility of these crystals vary with its color. The details of color & utility are given below. The effect of using a crystal pencil, bracelets & pendants is same. The efficacy of crystal varies with size, purity & clarity.

Crystal is highly effective in neutralizing vastu defects. We always use one crystal pyramid in every plastic pyramid used for regular remedies.

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